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Brighter Tomorrows Domestic Violence Shelter Receives Thirty-One Gifts Donation

Cait R Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Shirley, NY - October 27th, 2015 - Katie Cote of Riverhead, NY, is helping local victims of domestic violence feel supported and cared for with a donation of 100 personal hygiene kits to Brighter Tomorrows, Inc. in Shirley.  

Cote is an independent sales director with Thirty-One Gifts, one of the world’s largest direct sales organizations, who has a philanthropic outreach called Thirty-One Gives.

She participated in a summer sales incentive for Thirty-One’s 100,000+ independent sales consultants throughout the U.S. As one of the winning consultants who achieved sales goals during two six-week periods, she was among 10 women whose names were drawn for special rewards.

One of those rewards was that a domestic violence shelter in her community would receive a donation of 100 Hope Kits in her name. The donation is being made in support of Thirty-One’s Standing Strong for Her campaign in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October. Thirty-One is donating 1,000 Hope Kits to shelters nationwide this month.

The 100 Hope Kits Thirty-One has shipped to the shelter comprise a Thirty-One travel bag embroidered with the word “Hope” and are filled with essential hygiene supplies for women, such as a toothbrush, shampoo, hairbrush, soap and a personalized note of encouragement written by a Thirty-One Gifts sales consultant.  

Thirty-One, in partnership with World Vision, has assembled and shipped thousands of Hope Kits to women’s shelters in the past year.

Brighter Tomorrows was selected by the National Network to End Domestic Violence, with whom Thirty-One worked to identify a local shelter in their network to receive the donation.

Founded in 1986, Brighter Tomorrows, Inc. is a human service agency dedicated to empowering survivors of domestic violence through the provision of safe housing, supportive counseling, and legal advocacy services on Long Island. Brighter Tomorrows’ value-driven programs seek to connect women and children with a nurturing community while enhancing their personal security, independence and self-esteem.

Brighter Tomorrows services clients from Suffolk and Nassau Counties, as well as the Five Boroughs and the Tri-State area.

A secure domestic violence shelter offers clients the opportunity to begin to recover from abuse in a safe, structured environment. A residential program includes case-management services, clinical support groups, educational workshops, transportation and childcare. Brighter Tomorrows’ innovative transitional housing program facilitates independent living for previous residents of their domestic violence shelter and for survivors of human trafficking.

Clients are provided with ongoing support services and referrals while they attend degree programs or vocational training and seek out permanent employment and housing.

In addition to shelter services, Brighter Tomorrows offers individual and group counseling in a non-residential setting and staffs a 24-hour crisis hotline.

Brighter Tomorrows also works within the criminal justice system, providing bilingual advocacy to survivors of domestic violence in Family, District, Integrated Domestic Violence, Felony Youth, and Human Trafficking Courts, as well as piloting a therapeutic re-entry program for women who have been incarcerated.

Brighter Tomorrows is a leading source of education, awareness, and insight about the many facets of abuse and the individuals it impacts in the community.

Cote has been with Thirty-One Gifts since 2012, offering home organization products, purses, totes, wallets, artisan jewelry and more at home parties. Part of the attraction of running her own direct sales business is the ability to give back through Thirty-One Gives. Since forming Thirty-One Gives in 2012, the company has donated more than $80 million in product and cash to support girls, women and families.

“This is such an honor to have this done in my name and such a blessing for those who will receive the Hope Kits,” said Cote.

“My experience with Thirty-One has been the unexpected blessing in my life that I love,” said Cote. “I’ve been able to give back in my business by partnering with local fundraisers for sports teams, medical needs and community outreach. This is by far the biggest give-back I’m able to provide for my community and I’m thrilled that it will go to those who need help in their life right now.

“Giving back to a local domestic violence shelter opens my eyes to the needs in our own backyard. I feel blessed and lucky to give back to the shelter and hope this makes even the slightest difference in their journey towards healing.”

As part of her prize for winning the sales contest, Cote earned a $1,500 Thirty-One Gifts shopping spree.

To access services of Brighter Tomorrows, call the crisis line at (31-395-1800. For more information, contact 631-395-3116.


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