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Yellow Pages - An Overview of the Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages: A History of Business Directories

Yellow Pages is a directory of business listings that include the name, address, and phone number of local businesses, and the directories are often specific to a specific geographical location. The concept of a Yellow Pages directory began well over 100 years ago in 1883, when a printing company ran out of white paper, and printed their directory on yellow paper instead. A few years after that, in 1886, Reuben H. Donnelley, son of printing mogul Richard R. Donnelley, created the first Yellow Pages, created a brand new industry of yellow pages advertising, and a new resource for people to turn to when searching for local businesses. Donnelley's official and recurring publication of Yellow Pages was a game-changing move that forever changed the marketplace for both consumers and businesses.

The Yellow Pages Today - A Changing Resource, Environmental Issues & Scrutiny

Today, "Yellow Pages" has become a term used to identify resources with business listings other than the Yellow Pages book that is published and distributed across the country. There are online directories that serve specific geographical locations that are considered to be a newer and often preferred form of Yellow Pages listings - online resources have the ability to be more up-to-date and informative than printed media has the ability to. Printed hard copies of Yellow Pages have come under much criticism for being dated, and not being environmentally friendly - in San Francisco, they are fighting in court to ban Yellow Page book distribution because of the waste it creates, and the annual recycling cost that burdens the tax payers. In Seattle, a program designed to let residents opt-out of receiving a Yellow Pages book has reduced the circulation of physical hard copies dramatically - more and more people are turning to online resources to gather their information. Long Islanders can opt out of delivery here.

Long Island Yellow Pages: A Directory for a New Generation

Long Island Yellow Pages began providing Long Islanders with a comprehensive guide to Long Island businesses in 2010 in the form of a free, online resource. Long Island Yellow Pages is an online only resource - but provides users with much more than a printed guide can: in addition to providing business listings with name, address, and phone number, LIYP recommendations can be prioritized by zip code, cuisine type for restaurants, and provides user with more in-detail information about many of the local businesses listed. The company is based on Long Island, and Long Island Yellow Pages only caters to businesses located in Nassau and Suffolk counties - making searching for Long Island businesses simpler.

Listings are alphabetical, and can be sorted by location or business type for convenience. Above the alphabetical listings, there are prioritized listings that businesses can purchase to promote their businesses. These options make Long Island Yellow Pages a much quicker and easier tool to use than traditional printed business listings - the search refinement allows the user the ability to sort through the listings, and find the right business they need in the right location much faster than flipping through paper pages would allow.

Serving Long Island: Making Searching Less Complicated

Long Island Yellow Pages is a Yellow Page resource specifically designed with Long Islanders in mind - searching is made simpler by refining the parameters to only include local businesses located in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Limiting the results to only include businesses on Long Island makes searching quicker and more efficient - eliminating the hassle of having to weed through listings for businesses located off of Long Island.