Long Island Rail Road - Things You Should Know about the LIRR
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Long Island Railroad

The Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) has been in service since 1836. It started with stops to Brooklyn and Jamaica, but immediately started working on an east line from Jamaica. Before 1840, there was a line going to Hicksville and Mineola and Hempstead. As the LIRR grew in popularity, more stops were added along the way. Currently, it is possible to get to some of the furthest points on Long Island riding the Metro Transit Authority (MTA). Residents and tourists alike ride the railroad to get anywhere they want to on Long Island so that the adventure can keep going.

Railroad ScheduleTop

The schedule for the LIRR includes stops at Montauk, Oyster Bay and West Hempstead. Trains leave major stations like Penn Station regularly throughout the day. It is highly important to check the schedule and the corresponding fairs to get where you want to go.

The schedules are subject to change, but by looking at the website for the MTA, you can get a good idea about where you will need to be and what train you will need to be on. This will help you to get where you need to go. Keep in mind that connecting trains and busses in the transit system will need to be a part of your planning to get where you are going. If you have a specific destination in mind, you can go online or you can call the MTA operators. Have your destination and your arrival/departure time in mind whenever you are making your plans. It will help you to get a more accurate idea of where you need to go and what you need to do.

Always look for any kinds of delays whenever you are going on the website. This will allow you to see if the train you are supposed to be riding will be on time or not. Delays are posted as quickly as possible to assist with trip planning.

LIRR Station Schedules

All fares for the LIRR are based on the point of origin as well as the location you are traveling to. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time or they can be purchased at some stations. You can even purchase tickets while on the train. If you are purchasing tickets, you will need to take into consideration that buying individual tickets will cost more than if you are to buy tickets in bulk. If you are traveling on the LIRR constantly, the monthly rates offer you the best deals. You will be able to ride the train as much as you want to within the month you purchased the ticket. Additional packages are available for weekly, ten trip and school tickets.

Remember that the fare you pay for the LIRR does not give you access to the busses. You will ned to pay a separate fare or have a MetroCard to use the bus and subway system within the city. These can also be purchased for month and weekly rates. You can get a discount on these whenever you are purchasing tickets for the LIRR. Purchasing directly through the different offices at the stations allows you to purchase everything you need.

Look for the kiosks available at many of the stations. These allow you to purchase tickets and more in a few ways. The LIRR tickets can be purchased with a credit card or with cash depending on which of the kiosks you go to.

Because Long Island has so much to offer, there are package deals available for riders. These allow you to ride the train at a discounted rate as well as getting a discounted rate on tickets to certain locations you might be traveling to. You can catch a ride to the beach or to horse races, wineries and more. Look for all of the deals and getaways available through the website. You can save money while having fun.

Of course, just like many people are looking to get onto Long Island for a getaway, others living on Long Island are looking to get into the city for adventures. Packages for tickets to shows and more are available through the website. Look for deals you can use to get the tickets you need for a night you will remember.

Keep in mind that the tickets you are purchasing can be returned if you do not use them, but they have to be the originals and you will be charged a $10 fee for each transaction. Even deals and packages can be returned. Most can be returned within a 30 day period from when they are purchased. The biggest exception is when purchasing a weekly pass. You will only be able to return it while within the week it was issued.

If you are looking to get a refund and you cannot get to the offices, you can mail them to:

LIRR Ticket Refunds Department
P.O. Box 350383
Jamaica, NY 11435

If you need further information, you can call between the hours of Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 4 PM. Dial 511 and say LIRR.

Arriving at Your Destination SafelyTop
Every possible measure is taken to assure your safety while riding on the LIRR, but there are ways in which you can make sure that you remain safe while you are aboard. Make sure you are keeping any personal belongings with you at all times. Do not set briefcases or purses on the ground where you are not holding them. They can slide away from you or can be picked up by other passengers.

Always be aware of where you are at while riding the LIRR. If you fall asleep on your way to your destination, you may sleep through the stop. To go back to the stop, you will need to purchase another ticket. If you are not sure of the name of the station you need to get off at, make sure you write it down.

Riding the LIRR can be useful as well as fun as long as you are taking all of the necessary precautions. Look for all of the fun destinations you can travel to and get out of the house.