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LIYellowPages.com Internet Privacy Policy

Internet Privacy Policy
LIYellowPages.com has written this privacy policy to demonstrate our commitment to user based internet privacy. The following discloses our info gathering and dissemination practices for LIYellowPages.com.

1. Collecting Personal Information from Visitors

LIYellowPages.com may track and/or gather (1) email addresses, client computer type, and other non-personal web browser specifics of visitors to the LIYellowPages.com website, (2) emails of visitors that contact and/or communicate with LIYellowPages.com, (3) data/info knowingly given by a visitor via registration forms, forums postings, and any other online web input forms and (4) aggregate user-specific data on which pages visitors access on LIYellowPages.com.

LIYellowPages.com may place "cookies" on visitor's computer. Internet cookies store non-personal data about a user's website preferences and settings. When the visitor returns to LIYellowPages.com, LIYellowPages.com may recognize the user as a past visitor by the cookie and customize the user's experience as needed. Visitors may decline to accept cookies by using the corresponding feature of their browser, but we cannot guarantee all site functionality will remain intact for the maximum user experience.

Website search data may be recorded and stored for research purposes and/or to help resolve possible technical issues which may in turn link a user id to the performed search.

2. Usage of Data Gathered

Non-specific personal data collected by LIYellowPages.com might be utilized by LIYellowPages.com for feedback and editorial purposes, for promotional marketing purposes, for statistical analysis purposes, for help in developing new website features, to assist in improving website user experience, to inform advertisers how many visitors have viewed and/or clicked on their respective ads, or to customize the contents of LIYellowPages.com for a user.

3. Website Security Measures

LIYellowPages.com has implemented varius security features to help prevent any unauthorized release of personal information. Be advised though, that while LIYellowPages.com has endeavored to make a secure reliable website for its users, the privacy and confidentiality of communications transmitted to/from LIYellowPages.com via this website or email cannot be guaranteed. As such, LIYellowPages.com is not held responsible for the security of any data transmitted via the internet to/from our website.

4. The Right to Opt-out

Users may opt out of receiving emails from LIYellowPages.com administration concerning upcoming events and website announcements by clicking the corresponding "unsubscribe" link found in each and every communication sent from LIYellowPages.com.

5. Collection of Personal Data from Children

To the extent that we are able to accurately determine the age of a website user by their submissions to LIYellowPages.com, LIYellowPages.com not knowingly (1) post or collect information from individuals under the age of thirteen or (2) provide any personally identifying info collected from said youngsters, regardless of its source, to any other party for any purpose whatsoever such as if registering on LIYellowPages.com information is submitted as part of the process which indicates that said user is a child.

6. LIYellowPages.com User Contact Rights

We reserve the right to contact site users/visitors concerning account status updates and changes to the different website users agreements, this privacy policy, or any other documents relevant to the experience/usage of site visitors.

7. LIYellowPages.com Privacy Policy Update Rights

The aforementioned policy information is effective as of November 7th, 2007. We reserve the right to alter this policy as deemed necesary at any time to ensure the successful administration of this website. By visiting and using the LIYellowPages.com website you are accepting all of the terms and conditions outlined in the above LIYellowPages.com Internet Privacy Policy. 8. Other We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our Web site. These companies may use aggregated information (not including your name, address, email address or telephone number) about your visits to this and other Web sites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies visit networkadvertising.org/managing/opt_out.asp.