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1200 Hempstead Tpke
Uniondale, NY 11553
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Tel: (516) 414-3759


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If you're having computer troubles, whether they're big, or small, you can count on Long Island Computer Repairs to get you back up and running with easy. Whether you need virus protection software, data recovery & transfer, hardware and software installations & upgrades, or any other computer related issues taken care of, turn to the experts who will get it taken care of the right way – the first time. Not a computer pro? In addition to fixing computers, Long Island Computer Repairs also offers private lessons and consulting, helping you to better understand how to use your PC or laptop, and get the most out of your computer.

Hours: For hours, call (516) 414-3759

Visit Website: LI Computer Repairs

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 Long Island Computer Repair Reviews   
5 out of 5 stars George G from Roosevelt, NY on May 28, 2014
A very popular business. I'd be surprised if they have any competition at all. Everyone we know uses them when they have problems. We needed help when our business network got infected by some kind of a virus and they were amazingly fast, and clearly understood how important it was that we get our computers back in order as quickly as possible. We really value their swift and expert service!
4 out of 5 stars Ricky O from Garden City, NY on Oct 14, 2013
Wow, it's so good to see that these people have so many reviews on here. They're a great business, and I am glad they're getting a lot of customers! I had a problem with my computer the other month and they got it fixed for me amazingly fast, which was awesome since I needed it for work. The bill wasn't bad, especially considering the speed with which they were able to get the work done. And now that I know how busy they must be, I am even more impressed with how efficient they are!
5 out of 5 stars Elisheva from Wantagh, NY on Jun 10, 2013
Adam is the best. He has helped me twice, with broken laptops. He knows his stuff, is honest and fair. I recommend hi highly.
5 out of 5 stars Tracy A Proctor from East Meadow, NY on Jan 21, 2013
I had a horrible malware attack ... god, why did I have to download that song??? I will regret that forever. I thought my computer was dhooooomed, but then these guys worked their magic and did wonders and ... I have a computer that works again. It doesn't work quite like it used to ... admittedly. But the fact that it runs at all and there is no trace that the virus is still on it is a major relief. I cannot afford a new computer right now.
4 out of 5 stars O Randall from West Hempstead, NY on Nov 27, 2012
I spilled tea on my computer. I don't know what I was thinking. You'd think years of bad experiences involving drinking near the computer would have stopped me by now, but shame on me, I did it again. All it took was a drop on the keyboard and the screen went blank and the unit just shut off. I figured it was toast, but the techs at LI Computer Repair somehow got it running again!
5 out of 5 stars R Kramer from Roosevelt, NY on Oct 11, 2012
My computer got hit with a virus that I thought had wiped my hard drive. These guys were not only able to fix my computer, but also get most of my files back. It seemed like a miracle to me! I was blown away by how much they were able to do on my behalf when I would've thought the computer was toast. So I got to save my computer, which saved me a ton of money as you might expect. And losing those files would've been a nightmare. Thanks very much you guys!
5 out of 5 stars Danny U. Schroeder from West Hempstead, NY on Sep 20, 2012
Whenever I have problems with my computers I call for the services of Long Island Computer Repairs and so far, they never failed me at all! This, is great service in my book! I cannot recommend them more.
5 out of 5 stars Dolores from East Meadow, NY on Sep 3, 2012
Since I’m online working all day and my business is computer and networking speed specific, I need my PCs to be in top running condition always. Now, I’m no tech wizard and thus, I need a lot of help always when it comes to PC problems that I have. I call Long Island PC Repair and they have proven to be an asset – one without which my services would have not worked at all!
All I can say is they are highly qualified, solve problems in a jiffy, and ensure that you have good troubleshooting experiences. They are responsive, reliable and cost effective too. I’ve loved them and am happy with their services!
5 out of 5 stars Millie Row from Uniondale, NY on Apr 10, 2012
I am totally unaware ofthe computer technology. I just use my computer in order to check my emails and surf through online shops. When my computer stopped working, I did not know what to do. I paid a visit to Long Island Computer Repair and they were able to help me with my problem within seconds. They did not charge me anything, even if I wanted to give them some money for their trouble. I have been going to the same shop ever since, due to their pleasant staff and high quality services for anything related to computers.
5 out of 5 stars Betty Lawrence from Hempstead, NY on Aug 21, 2012
I do not know a lot of stuff about computers. So, when my laptop started making a strange constant noise, I went straight to Long Island Computer Repairs, so that nothing worse would happen. The boys there were really helpful and made me stop worrying. They dealt with my problem right away and they said that the damage was minor and there was nothing unrecoverable. After a few minutes I was ready to go along with my pc, which was great. The service was excellent, I have found a great place to repair anything computer related.
5 out of 5 stars Mike R from Hempstead, NY on Sep 24, 2012
If you have a problem or a question about your computer, you should pay a visit to Long Island Computer Repair. The staff are really helpful and pleasant. They do not make fun of you, even if you ask the most dummy questions ever, such as myself. They were glad to help me out with my laptop and provide me with some useful information about its capacity and features. I will be going to the same shop whenever I have trouble with computers and stuff.
5 out of 5 stars Lori Haas from Merrick, NY on Jul 24, 2012
When I bought my new computer, I wanted everything from my old one put onto the new one. Long Island Computer Repair, had all my data and programs transferred in no time.
5 out of 5 stars Laurie from Roosevelt, NY on Mar 4, 2012
I was so angry when my son spilled soda on my laptop, I thought I would go through the roof. After all it wasn't even a year old yet. Thank goodness for Long Island Computer Repair, they had to take the whole thing apart, but they were able to clean out all the soda, and make the computer work again. Fantastic Job!
5 out of 5 stars Ross O Ingram from Hempstead, NY on Jun 29, 2012
First of all I must say these guys are incredible, and there is no distance I would not travel to use the company when I need computer repair.
I had so much trouble with my nearly new laptop, but they assured me things would be fixed in no time- and they were right. He waived the initial fee to look at my laptop and threw in a lot of extras at no cost. The guys at Long Island Computer Repair know their stuff and understand the importance of one having their computer at all times. Within a few short hours my repair was made and my laptop has worked perfectly every since. I cannot say enough good things about this company.
5 out of 5 stars YanksRule from Uniondale, NY on Aug 9, 2012
Last month my computer got a virus. I don’t know how it happened, but my computer kept getting that blue screen of death thing. I couldn’t do any work or anything, so I brought it in on the double over to Long Island Computer Repair. They were really quick in diagnosing the problem. They said I had gotten a Trojan, I guess from downloading a bad file for work or something. Anyway, they fixed it right up and when I got my computer back, it was running as fast as the day I got it. Really impressed with the guys over there.
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